Getting a Failing Grade

Topics: Writing, Essay Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Mr. Oliverio
Collage Comp. EN-110-FD
Narrative Essay
Not Another F

(Sweeney. 1)
“Not Another F”
I stared shocked at my cursor not believing what I had just done. I was indeed done; done with a paper that I agonized for the past 4 hours. The paper was due in a mere 2 hours and I had all week to do it. My Ipod had stopped due to its battery running out, which was the least of my problems writing the essay. I somehow managed to focus my attention long enough to get it done, however. Finally the annoying inconvenience of writing this meaningless essay, that had disturbed my social life, was actually done! Taking an “F” on the essay would have demolished my grade. As much as I loath writing essays I couldn’t take a failing grade. This is my story about me trying to avoid that “F”. Last week my Tuesday morning was going well. I devoured a big delicious breakfast, my brother finally took a quick shower and no major assignment was pending. I even caught the bus on time without having to break into a sprint and found out I got an A on my math test. Everything was going good, almost too good to be true. Then life fell in to oblivion as I watched my English teacher writing the words “Narrative Essay” in the homework corner of the black board. My hope faded. Somehow I was in amazement, and not amazed in a positive manor. I mean it is a collage English class, essays where bound to appear in that corner of the board eventually. I just wasn’t expecting it to happen on such a perfect day. The fact my professor didn’t give us a subject aggravated me, at least with a subject I can have something to focus on. I went through the rest of the day perplexed thinking about what I would write it on.

(Sweeney 2.)
I got home that Tuesday night and figured I would hop right on it. I figured the best way to get over this strong feeling of hate for this paper would be to just get it over with. After pondering...
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