.Getting a Client’s Final Acceptance: Benefits and Risks.

Topics: Project management, Project manager, Earned value management Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: July 13, 2011
The closing phase of the project management life cycle (PMLC) is an important stage that need be carefully undergone for it is here that justifies all the scoping, planning, launching, and monitoring and control activities. A successful project closure implies effective handling of subsequent projects, better performance from team members in future occurrence due to the appraisal they will get from current projects, good reputation for the company that handled the project via the project manager. If a client is satisfied with a PM’s job via the deliverables that the project made available, the company and the PM need not bother much on advertising themselves towards getting more contracts, for a happy client do a whole lot of advertisement for the company, and vice versa. How does a PM know if a client is happy with the deliverables? There is no better ways than conducting client acceptance which can either be done ceremonially or formally. This process is majorly about demonstrating that the deliverables meet client’s specification. (Wysocki, 2009:285). Acceptance is based on the criteria agreed upon in the initiating and planning phase of the project, and once the deliverables are accepted it signifies that the client agreed that the scope of the project and its deliverables are dully met on time, on budget and according to specifications. Formal acceptance is preferable to me, for a physical sign off by all stakeholders is involved (Wysocki,2009:285). A company stand to lose its reputation, chances of getting more contracts and projects, key staff- who believe in constant appraisal to be motivated, and spend more in advertisement just for being known for really conducting client’s acceptance. When the deliverable is a physical product, testing and good packaging will speak volume for the PM and the company at large, and haven tested the product, transfer of skills as regards operating the product is highly necessary and should be done via training. Assuming...
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