Getting a Bc Drivers License

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Getting a BC drivers license
It is probably similar in other provinces, but I’ve been through this system, so will relate that experience. Others may be able to relate their experiences in the forum. The initial test is a written test, which is similar to our learners test in Australia and conducted on a touch screen computer. I would really suggest having a read of their road rules book, which you can pick up from any ICBC office, and having a couple of tries at their Online Practice Knowledge Test, which is essentially just a shortened version of what you’ll do during the real test, which is about 60 questions I believe. The requirements when you roll in for this test is that you bring your Australian license, the fee ($15 when I did it), your work permit and passport, as well as (if you have been) some sort of proof that you have been driving for longer than 3 years (it is a really good idea to request a listing of your driver history from your local government licensing center in Australia before you leave Aus), otherwise you’ll be required to put a green N sign on the back of your car to show that you are a new driver. I was lucky as I carry around an old license with me that was valid for a couple of years, so I didn’t need the history sheet. A word of warning: if you have been in BC for longer than 3 months and go to take your Knowledge Test, you will need to use your Australian license for collateral. They WILL CONFISCATE your license until you pass your road test, which can be an extended period of time – they told me the waiting list was three months when I went for my test. I actually had mine confiscated while I did the knowledge test, and it was only after I almost pleaded that there was some way I could get my license back that she asked if I’d left the country in the last three months. I’d been to the US the week previous, so she just gave it back there and then and explained what I mentioned in the second dot point in this article. Once you have passed your knowledge test they’ll append a sticker to the back of your Australian license with your BC license number. Now you are free to go, and you’ll have to look into booking your road test, which you can do online, or by giving them a call using these numbers. I have been advised by ICBC personnel that doing it online is by far the easiest and quickest method. For the test you should bring the required ID and your wits about you, plus the $50 fee and whatever the cost of your license is once you pass. I haven’t actually undergone this test, but I hear that it takes up to an hour and they can be quite strict, so make sure you stop before the pedestrian crossing/stop sign at every street! Following that you should be good to go with your new BC license. I’m lucky in that I travel to the US frequently for work, so don’t have to stress too much about getting my BC license, but I should do it eventually. I also have my BC ID handy at all times too.

Speaking notes for the Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C., M.P. Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism at a news conference to announce that in 2010, Canada welcomed the highest number of legal immigrants in more than 50 years Toronto, Ontario, February 13, 2011

As delivered
Thank you very much for joining us. Ladies and gentlemen, the Government of Canada is committed to maintaining Canada’s tradition of welcoming newcomers from around the world and supporting the strong economy. While other Western countries cut back on immigration during the recession, Canada’s government kept legal immigration levels high while taking action to maintain the integrity of our immigration system. Our post-recession economy, after all, demands a high level of economic immigration to keep our economies strong. That’s why, as Canada emerged from the global recession in 2010, I took steps last summer to bolster economic immigration. After meeting with my provincial counterparts in June of last year, I...
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