Getting Your Tragus Pierced: Safety Measures

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  • Published : July 27, 2007
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Steven Hess
Professor Mark Noon
DVS 060
16 July 2007
Getting Your Tragus Pierced
If you are interested in getting your tragus pierced, I highly advise you follow these suggested steps in getting this procedure done. The first step is to call around to different piercing and tattoo places to see how much it is to get your tragus pierced. Next you should find the cheapest place and attain the money you need to get it done. Keep in mind, though, that most of the time "Walk-Ins-Welcome" salons aren't as professional as others.

Once you choose the salon with the most inexpensive prices, visit the salon to see if everything is sterile and clean, including the facility. There are many things you need to check. Make sure they have the correct cleaning agents. Make sure all the piercing instruments and piercing needle are fresh out of sterile packages. Make sure they use a new set of rubber gloves for each piercing, no matter if it‘s the same person or different people. Make sure they put the correct ring once pierced. (Ex: Belly ring not for tragus) Make sure the piercing artist is licensed and totally focused on what he's doing. (Ex: Not smoking while piercing.) Make sure your ear gets cleaned off with alcohol before piercing.

Before getting any body piercing done, everyone should know that any piercing could get infected. In the case that it would, you must take it out and let the hole close. If you leave the ring in and let the infection get worse, it could lead to skin graphing of the area in which you had pierced. Also, if you do not follow the previous facility safety instructions, getting a body piercing could end up fatal later in life. You may contract AIDS or Hepatitis from a dirty needle or a recycled ring.

After you've followed all the safety measures, you need to book an appointment. Find a time that's right for you and call the salon or you could even book an appointment online, depending on the business. Once you've booked your appt....
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