Getting to Know Me

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Getting to Know You

In the summer before 7th grade I broke my right wrist and I didn’t know if I would be able to play football, so I went talk to my great grandma and she told me to keep my head up and not to worry because I would be ready… My life has been full of events that have helped me develop goals and values.

The week before 7th grade started I got my cast on my right wrist off and we started try-outs and I went in thinking I got it, but I struggled and it was bad I did so bad that they put me on B-team we played a scrimmage against kelly lane I just couldn’t find my grove so coach benched me. The week after I was the same way I couldn’t throw the ball and I was prepared to sit again this week and the night before my game I found out my great grandma died. It crushed me I cried all night and the next morning I mopped around all day until I went sit down in the locker room and thought about what she told me and how she’s always helped me. I took it to heart and I was ready I put my helmet on and was ready to play. That night I scored 4 touchdowns and we won. By the end of the season I scored 21 touchdowns overall and won the MVP for football. I knew she was watching over me and I knew she was proud.

From that night on I set a goal for myself which was I would always push my self in everything I do no matter if its football or academics. I’ve done what I said I would do so far I’ve excelled in all my classes and I’ve done really well in football. I’m still not where I need to be so I will continue to push myself and keep getting that sense of accomplishment. This goal is so important to me because it’s what my great grandma yelled at me for all these years.

My values in life are accompishment, acknowledgement, and appreciation because those values will get me somewhere in life.I show my vales in life daily by finishing my work first and getting them right and by doing my assignments right on the football field.

My life has been...
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