Getting to Know Ikea

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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How does IKEA lure their customers into buying products?

IKEA is a store where people mostly come when they need something. For example, a potential customer needs a new couch, this will trigger him to go to the IKEA to look at their assortment and/or buy a new couch. It is less occurring, although not unusual, for costumers to come in and just have a look at what they have to offer, like people do more often in clothing stores or gift shops. It is IKEA’s task to make the customer, not only buy their couch but also look around at all the other products and tempting him into making impulse purchases. IKEA probably makes more money of impulse purchases than predetermined purchases.

This was something I immediately noticed when I went to the IKEA in Utrecht. As soon as you walk in the entire store is set up in a way to make sure you see as much as possible. They literally lure you through the entire shop. Providing everything a costumer might need to prolong their stay. While in the grocery shops they try to make you walk past every product with product placement, they at least give you the ability to quickly grab what you need and make your way to the pay desk without walking through the entire store. At IKEA, they have set up the store in such a way that you have to walk past every section of the store. This way they keep the customer walking around as long as they can. This increases the chance that the costumer sees something he could also use in his house. They lead the costumer past all the discounted products and make them think “I might not really need it, but at this price it’s basically a steal. It would be a shame if I would not profit from the low prices”. They also have a lot of little showrooms throughout the entire store. It shows buyers how good their products look in an actual living room for instance. But of course every showroom is carefully fabricated composition with matching colors and the latest trends.

I was planning to have a quick...
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