Getting Started with Bloomberg

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  • Published : June 3, 2012
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Getting Started with Bloomberg
Log in to the computer with your usual IT account details. Double click the green Bloomberg icon on the desktop. Hit the green GO key to log in to Bloomberg. Use the username and password displayed on the monitors. Use the predictive text function to search. Simply start typing in the command line of a Bloomberg screen to bring up a list of functions and securities that might be relevant. BU is Bloomberg University with a variety of cheat-sheets and training PDFs. EASY Tips and shortcuts. CHEA Download cheatsheets for your subject area. BESS Bloomberg essentials online training program

Installing the Bloomberg Excel Add-in Close Excel: Start Programs Bloomberg  Install Excel Add-In Install OK  Open Excel  Bloomberg will now appear in the main toolbar. Getting Help with Bloomberg

Press the HELP key once when in any Bloomberg screen and you will get a description of the page you are on, plus how to use the codes and manipulate the information. If you need detailed help press the HELP key twice to get the Bloomberg Helpdesk messaging service. Please only use this service for specific questions. Remember: Pressing the HELP key once can often tell you what you need to know. (The HELP key is on the top left of the Bloomberg Keyboard.)

Main Bloomberg shortcuts
DES Security Description (a really good overview of all the key data available – use Page Fwd to scroll through the info.) CN Company News and Research MCN Most Popular News for a company MGMT Management Structure & Profiles (compensation details) HP Historical prices table GP Price Graph (incl Open, High, Low data) GIP Intraday Price Graph PHDC Institutional and Insider Holders ANR Analyst Recommendations BRC Broker/Analyst reports EM Earnings Matrix (multiple templates) RV Relative Value – Peer Group Analysis FA Financial Analysis MA Mergers and Acquisitions – choose advanced search to create your own analysis criteria.

G Main graphs home page. Go to...
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