Getting Rid of Stains - Science Project

Topics: Stain, Chemistry, Cotton Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Why I chose this topic
     Are you bothered by stains? Some stains are very hard to get rid of; they require technique and proper knowledge to remove. The topic I investigated washing in what temperature of water removes stains the best. I came up with this when I saw this in one of the ideas for an experiment, and remembered the time when my brother stained his clothes while my mother was away. I thought about factors that could affect washing, and realized I never really cared about the temperature of the water.

     During by background research, I found out adding too much heat to the stain causes a chemical reaction to occur and make a permanent stain. So, my hypothesis is that the colder the water, the better stains could be removed.

Types of Stains
     A stain is oil, dirt, food, grease, or beverages that could cause a dirty soiled surface that appears on a cloth. In removing stains, using ironing or blowing a hot dryer on it is ineffective, in fact, the extreme heat makes the stain permanent by chemical reactions. There are types of stains according to how they are made, the procedure of how they are made, and the kind of material. The one we talk about when we worry about our looks is accidental surface stains. According to how they are made

Intentional Stains - Made on purpose for art. e.g. wood stains, paint Indicative Stains - Used to show something. e.g. food coloring, color added to see bacteria better under microscope Natural Stains - Made naturally. e.g. rust on iron, bronze, platina Accidental Stains - Made accidentally (this experiment) e.g. spilled ketchup on shirts According to procedure

Surface Stains - 1. Stain substance is spilled on the surface of the material                  2. Substance is trapped in fibers, pores, indentations of the cloth, etc.                  3. Substance coats cloth                  4. Stain reflects light according to its color Chemical Stains - 1....
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