Getting Rid of Miranda Rights

Topics: Arrest, Crime, Police Pages: 3 (922 words) Published: November 23, 2010
The Miranda rights are the rights a police offer is required to say to someone when the officer arrests that person. It is the warning that officers of the law give suspects so they know about their rights before they are interrogated. It was a law made after the conclusions of the Miranda vs. Arizona case. The case was very close as it was a 5-4 decision. The court ruled that any type of evidence, whether it is incriminating or proof of innocence, can be used as evidence in a case; however it can only be used if the police let the suspect know that they have the right to an attorney before and during questioning and also that the suspect can be silent to avoid self-incrimination before an interrogation. It is now a staple when police arrests are made. In this paper, I will explain why I believe that the Miranda Rights are not necessary anymore.

The Miranda Rights should no longer be required. One the reasons for the establishment of the Miranda rights are because before Miranda vs. Arizona the police would constantly use violence to extract confessions and facts from potential criminals. The Miranda Rights put a stop to the constant torture to achieve admissions of guilt. Today however modern technology serves the purpose of limiting torture or violence in investigations. These interrogations are recorded now, so there so is no need for Miranda Rights. Now instead of using something indirect such as Miranda Rights to prevent violence during questioning, the police now use something direct to prevent it. Saying a bunch of rights to someone will not guarantee that force will not be present in an interrogation. A recording will not prevent excessive force, but it will certainly do a better job than reading someone’s rights. One other reason why I believe that Miranda Rights are not necessary is that the rights are already implied during arrest, because it is part of culture. People today have watched so many episodes of Law & Order, Crime Scene...
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