Getting It Write Book Review

Topics: Caribbean, Jamaica, Prime minister Pages: 6 (2533 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Name: M. McIntyre
Course: Comm 1001
Lecturer: Patrick Prendergast
School: University of the West Indies
Due Date: November 30, 2012

Gordon, K. Getting it Write (1999). Ian Randle Publishers, Kingston, Jamaica.  
This review will cover Ken Gordon's Getting it Write; this book is an autobiography however it also aims to give a concise overview on the growth and development in the media industry, its effects on Gordon and his involvements in its development within the Caribbean region, namely Jamaica to Guyana.

It also provides information on his background and upbringing, beginning with where he grew up on St.Vincent Street in Trinidad. He describes this place to be a blast of fun during the period which he grew up. He was the only child for his mother and was raised by her along with his Aunt. He did not meet his father until he was 17, this happened while walking on the road, the recognition was almost instantaneous. They began communicating, awkwardly at first but they eventually developed a close 'father-son' bond.  The lack of a father in his early stage, in my opinion, was maybe the single best thing that could have happened to him. This was one of the main reasons in which I believe he built so much character from a tender age, much of which stayed with him throughout his life. Another main source of character was his mother, Stella Fowler, who was a woman of extreme discipline. Even though his birth was somewhat unplanned, with the love that he got from his mother, it could not have been more if there were two parents. An incident at school (St Mary's) that involved a teacher calling him a bastard taught him even more discipline and self control and molded what will appear to be a great man.  Even while at St Mary's, he focused mainly on the sporting aspect of his school life as he naturally loved sports and excelled at almost everything that he tried, needless to say his mother was not completely pleased at this fact as she wanted him to become a scholar. She was however convinced by Ken that his grades were relatively good; to me this was the lack of a father in the early years of his life, again manifesting itself as if he somehow needed to prove to himself that he was man enough to compete with all the other males in the school community. After school, in wait for a position in the Regional Regiment as his strongest desire was to be in the armed forces, he became publisher at the Express Newspaper, over time, realizing that the position as a Regional Regiment was not coming, he, amidst much drama and obvious racisms, sought and got one of his dream jobs at a radio announcer at the only station on the island at that time, Radio Trinidad, which was owned and operated by Rediffusion Services out of London. Even though he got the job, his short comings were highlighted and he had to seek speech lessons and correct this within 3 months (probationary period) or lose his job. He again proved that he was a man of superior quality when he achieved this and anchored his job in which he stayed for several years. This attempt to speak to people in similar situations, which no matter the odds are there will always, be a way.   Considering the fact that he was one of the very few “black persons” employed in the capacity of announcer, at Rediffusion Service that had stations in Guyana, Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean, they acknowledged as a man of character.

Shortly after that, he was encouraged to join the Trinidad Junior Chamber of Commerce and that opened up a world of opportunities for him. One thing led to the next and before he knew it, he was the Chamber's President; traveling throughout the Caribbean and attending functions to encourage young executives to start chambers. Gordon always seemed to display the discipline that was instilled in him from he was young which aided him largely, especially when dealing with the then Premier, also called Prime Minister, of Trinidad Dr. Eric Williams....
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