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Today’s challenging economy is a rising issue for individuals looking to climb the corporate ladder in today’s workforce. With fewer jobs available in the workforce economy and as the unemployment rate increases rapidly month after month, the jobs that are available require some kind of advanced education or specialized training. Obtaining a job with these requirements makes the ability to fill these positions with individuals that meet the job requirements difficult. How to get to the next level in a current job position or to pursue a different pathway of a career is the question that several people in the workforce are asking themselves. Continuing education can be a mind boggling decision that requires extensive research. Online education and traditional education offer improved learning skills, affordable tuition, and accredited degrees allowing individuals to further their education despite busy lifestyles.

Both types of education allow prospective students to improve their learning skills and further their education by having options available to fit their needs. Online education is for the nontraditional student that may be employed outside of the home or a homemaker that takes care of the family. Online education offers flexible courses that can be taken from the comfort of the home or during travel. Taking online courses from home allows a student to cut living expenses that would go toward living in a dorm, travel expenses, and food expenses. If a student is employed, they can take classes online that allows the student to work at their own pace and on their own schedule. Although the online education seems like more freedom and an easier way to obtain a degree, the online education world takes far more discipline and the responsibility to thrive in the class work falls solely on the student. It is up to the student to participate and build relationships with the class mates. Traditional education is for the traditional student...
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