Get a Knife; Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns

Topics: Jurassic Park, Hunting, Gun Control Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Angela White
English 101

Synopsis Get a Knife; Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns Molly Ivin’s view is she is not antigun she is pro knife .She supports the second amendment and believes that all children 14 and under are too young to be having guns. And having so many guns owners is destroying our security of this Free State. She believes that guns should stay in the hands of the armed forces and military. She states that like automobiles if u can handle them what makes u think u can handle a gun and with having a license and tracking of selling car she feels that it should be the same way for guns. She states people don’t hunt for there food as they did before and putting guns in peoples hands is a continuing disaster.

She feels if you want guns for target shooting, hunting, or potting rattlesnakes you should (get a hoe) they should be subject to the same restrictions placed on guns in England. The concern about family arguments was a concern because if guns are in the home someone will be killed but if there is none no one will die. Guns do kill as automobiles do. She thinks Michael Crichton makes a good argument in his thriller Jurassic Park power without discipline is making this society into wreckage. There should be long training and discipline required of those who are permitted to have guns because a gun has the power to kill. Band the damn things. Ban them all. You want protection get a dog.
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