Get Your Guideline to Reach the Advanced Level in Learning New Language

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Subject: the first essay

Get Your Guideline to Reach the Advanced Level in Learning New Language ‘’You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once’’ Learning a new language is the key to communicate with new people with different language and different culture. Moreover, learning a new language is great opportunities that can lead to great things such as learning new culture, finding new jobs and learning many things new. However, being familiar with the language you want to learn is not enough to understand the people, whom speak the new language you want to learn, very well; unless, you already reached the advance level in that language. There are several steps you have to follow to reach the advance level in any new language that you want to learn. I always believe that paying passion is the most important step for successes in learning new languages or in learning any new skills in life. Passion is a strong emotion that motives you to do what you want; whereas, passion is always giving you the power to skip your obstacles and to achieve your objectives. When you have the passion for learning new language, you will be interesting in what to learn and you will learn it in the perfect way, because you do it for yourself to increase your knowledge. However, if you are learning a new language that differ from your first language or a language you already knew, it usually seems a challenge for some people because there are many differences in the basic rules regarding to the language they know. What are the basic skills and rules in the language you want to learn? You might begin by asking yourself this question. In general, there are many basic rules or fundamental elements you have to memorize to start your trip in leaning new language. In contrast, fundamental elements are the letters, the numbers and the most common nouns, verbs, propositions, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs....
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