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Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Personal life Pages: 2 (940 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Think of a world 30yrs ago, back when society was all about who had big jewelry, who had even bigger cars, and who had the biggest hair. The only thing not acceptable was big waistbands, on women that is. This was the time period author Susie Orbach wrote Fat is a Feminist issue as a way for women to read her work and realize overeating, obesity, and being ‘big’ wasn’t their fault. Women’s weight wasn’t through “lack of self-control or willpower” but actually by means of “protection, strength, rage, etc…” Women use the concept of being fat as a way to break free or “rebel against social pressure to be thin.” By doing this the author goes on to say that becoming fat is a “definite” or “purposeful” act. This rationalizing does not make any sense to me and seems more like an excuse rather than an explanation, not to mention this doesn’t relate to today’s society, where the obesity epidemic seems to be spread worldwide and isn’t strictly focused on race, age or gender. I mean do people honestly think that by becoming fat they are proving a point? Frankly it is concerning that many think they are being political activists through being fat- rather than for instance not addressing compulsive eating, complacent lifestyles and a poor diet. I question what political effect could be worth self-inflicting health problems upon yourself? And what happens in the unlikely event ‘fat’ becomes ‘sexy’. Should we all just starve ourselves to make a point? Just because we reject the size zero trend, we should not automatically go to the other extreme and normalize obesity. My critique is not so much on Orbach, who wrote the article relative to her time, but some of her readers. The article is implying that fat is only a social and psychological issue, when all the current signs point out it is a health one-and is becoming a more and more serious one. My personal opinion is that being healthy should be an aspiration for all people, and that’s across the board from eating to...
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