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Topics: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Intelligence, Pablo Picasso Pages: 2 (310 words) Published: April 10, 2013
PsychSim 5: GET SMART
Name: _David Dai____Period: ___2____Date: _3/23/2012________ This activity will explore the concept of intelligence and some of the methods of measuring intelligence.

Intelligence and Adaptability
? What does it mean to say that intelligence is a social construct? A concept that humans invented in order to explain individual differences

? What do two children from dramatically different cultures (a boy working on an arrow and a girl working on a computer) have in common? The common theme in all the definitions is the capacity to function well in one's environment. A boy is working on an arrow, and a girl is working on a computer. They just doing some common thing in their environment, but they have some kind of intelligence on this regions.

Verbal Versus Nonverbal Abilities
? Describe one verbal and one performance subtest of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). Information with the answer general knowledge questions is the verbal. Picture completion and identify the missing part of a picture is the performance subtests.

Multiple Intelligences
? Name and describe four of Gardner’s eight “intelligences.” -Linguistic Intelligence-word smarts, reflected in poet T.S. Eliot. -Logical mathematical intelligence-number smarts, reflected in scientist Albert Einstein. -Spatial Intelligence-space smarts, reflected in artist Pablo Picasso. -Musical intelligence-music smart, reflected in composter Igor Stravinsky. -bodily Kinesthetic-body smart, reflected in dancer Martha Graham. -Interpersonal intelligence-people smarts, reflected in psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. -Intrapersonal intelligence-self smart, reflected in philosopher-activist Mahatma Gandhi. -Naturalist intelligence-nature smarts, reflected in naturalist Charles Darwin.

Match Sternberg’s three “intelligences” with their descriptors:

o Practical Intelligence__ Analytic A. Problem-solving in everyday tasks o Creative intelligence____ Practical B....
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