Get Rich or Die Trying

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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The film “Get Rich or Die Tryin” tells about the life of 50 Cent one of Americas most popular and successful Hip-Hop stars. The Drama is directed by Jim Sheridan who was nominated six times for the Oscar before. Marcus (50 Cent) grew up in a tough New York neighborhood and was left alone after his mother was murdered when he was a kid. Marcus fell in with a crime boss and he had the opportunity to have a good live by selling drugs for him. As time goes by, Marcus has misgivings about his life as a criminal drug dealer and finds out a big interest in expressing himself as a rap artist. However the problem is that Marcus’ success as a dealer makes it hard for him to get away from that life. But one day, when a robbery goes wrong and Marcus is shot several times, he has a change of heart and decides to begin a new life and leave his old behind. From now on he writes down his words to be sane, begins to follow his dream of making music with the support of his girlfriend and records a demo tape. His songs are inspired by the realities of his old life on the street and the negative experiences of the former times. But just as it looks like he might be able to land a record deal, he notices that some of his old business colleagues aren’t too happy about what Marcus is telling the folk in his songs. Before Marcus’ first stage performance, he meets the killer of his mother backstage, begins to fight with him and leaves Marcus the victor and, finally at peace with his inner demons. As Marcus steps onto the stage to perform for the waiting crowd, he removes the bulletproof vest he had on, showing he was no longer afraid to be who he was meant to be.

My opinion about the film is mainly positive. When the film appeared, many movie critics talked about a terrible film which shows a criminal black guy who got famous and rich because of his criminal career. But I don’t agree with those statements, I think the movie shows a paragon for the American dream. Of course it is...
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