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Topics: Education, Procrastination, Time management Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: January 14, 2013
tive Here's how I've personally gotten active. While in high school I quickly realized what procrastination is and what causes it. For a student such as myself, I have come to notice when one has a large amount of time to complete something they tend to wait till the last minute. I personally have taken the "get active" way of school. I began to join clubs and community activities to take up some of my time. By this I was left with less time to get my assignments complete, with that in mind I began to complete them as soon as my time opened up. with this open time it began to be that perfect amount of time to complete other things. Procrastination cannot become a part of an active persons daily schedule of they lack the time to procrastinate. I have gotten active by first joining band. I joined band back in the sixth grade. I never appreciated how much it had helped teach me time management until high school. Band first began to be an activity I joined in to get active so I could feel like I was part our school and that I was unique. To get active you can learn to have a passion for what you are doing. Joining band, I discovered I had an undying love for music and that I would want music to be a part of my future. I have also gotten active in other sides of the performing acts. Choir has been an activity to which I have always taken it with me. Choir was the very first activity to which I joined and I felt like I was family. Choir for me was not the only activity that which I had joined and felt like a had been added to a new family of people with similar interest such as my own. Theatre and dance have also open my eyes to the creative away family. to feel excepted upon similarities in such a great feeling. Staying active helps build dedication. Through the clubs I have partaken in this is what I have learned. I currently am active in AOHT council , AP society, Creative writing and FBLA. all of these clubs that I have joined have pushed me to gain dedication...
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