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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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From the information given it can be understood that both Anna and Ray, Jessie’s parents, are English migrants. THEORY Anna and Ray followed Anna’s parents and brother Jason and his family, whom she has a very support and strong relationship with, to Perth in 2005. Ray no longer has any contact with his remaining family and while THEORY Anna moved into an environment that offered her connections, community and a good job as a Chemistry teacher Ray came to Australia with no connections. Jessie mentions Ray drinks too much and does ’nothing other than sit on the couch’, this may indicate that Ray is struggling to find a place in this new environment and also that he is taking little interest or involvement in his wider community. Migration can often be challenging, the report does not suggest any struggles the family experienced culturally nor does it suggest they experienced any language or religious barriers. Anna looks to social support to help the family. She involved herself in a local Women’s Health Centre to support her through the post-natal depression she experienced in the first six months of Jessie‘s life and during this time insisted Ray attend couples counselling. Anna

In 2012 the family was involved in Family Therapy where the information for this report was obtained. THEORY From the information given it is indeterminable as to how the family’s socio-economimic situation is. However, as both Anna and Mark are school teachers it can be assumed that the family income is steady and can support the addition of a new baby. THEORY. It is undeterminable as to what Ray’s financial situation is like, the conflict between Ray and Anna over financial support for Jessie and Gemma suggests that maybe there is a strain. THEORY.

John, Anna’s father has suffered from depression, he has a strong relationship with Jessie. Ray was born in London, however his parents were migrants, travelling from Poland to England during World War II, their names are unknown....
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