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“Servent Short Story”
With the emergence of a new era, along with the expectations of the people in peace. This is the time to plant the "Golden Seed" a sacred seed that keep by ancestors long time ago. They Implanted the Golden seed in the largest hill in the center of Shibi Land.To be the root of the peace of the world to this coming present days. However still not inevitable of evil grip in the earth, so it incompetent for the people to defend themselves in criminality, violence and especially in the damn world. The "Golden Seed," ancestors had planted grew up, heightened and admired by all for its unique appearance. The ancestors called this a "Servent Tree," because they noticed that it absorbed all the "Element" in the environment such as "Water, Fire, Earth and Air," which became the cause of people not coming too close in to the outrageous tree. Because the “Servent,” comes from the word “Servant,” that means serve for the safety andpeace of the world. Passed hundreds period gradually attracted a "Servent Tree," into human being by itself. The factor of "Sign's of Birth," according to the prophecy of its ancestors The gift becomes human cells gradually up the innards and its bones, then it would be the body to complete the character of it, and here you see being the ancestors prophecy in Sign's of Birth of "Servent Tree," are now being its normal human. There is a special feature that has seen in him called "Servent Greats Power." He retains all the "Elements," and a "mark," which shows a depth self-generation and later passed its version, ethnic culture to carry each other along their special powers, weapons called "Vandai," and soul, and all of that will serve to defend itself in due time. So one day they all shocked and seen that the Servent they shared in 50 years, suddenly switching to change a formation and becomes a weapon, so the ancestors also thought it was going to take their time when their death. And there called it "Vandai," and it means that shine all the pain experienced and exchange for peace But despite all the goodness and turned into evil priests brandish in unexpected truth of people. And it came the day that one of the Servent betrayed his companion or such as his clan and the only desire is to be strong and aim to conquer the world. And no one expected he was also servent and he has considered race traitors for their and must go to the world before they succeed but failed. He experiment himself greatly strengthened her so much but he is not the only one who wants to conquer of the world but also many expectant its servent, is it led by "Demoamegala Houshendou," he charm the other servent to the experiment as well, she called it Houshendou the experiment corresponding to his name. The evil spread on earth in his leadership, but he also lost in the 1st Emperor Raiko Kagewara who declared the 1st Great ShinkuWar, “Shinku” means the battle such as of good against evil to figth for their right. Despite all of this, the evil is still spreading in the environment causes done in the rebellion of evil because this is not just the start. Because it depends only on the Emperor's salvation. Kagewara Ramai came as 2nd Emperor who died well before the war in 3rd Great ShinkuWar that is lost again "Shinzu," the root of evil by Demoamegala before his father Setsu.

Ngunit sa kabila ng lahat ng kabutihan ay may naka amba paring kasamaan na di inaasahan ng mga tao. Dumating ang araw na may nagtaksil na Servent at ang tanging hangad ay lumakas at pakay na sakupin ang mundo. At sa di inaasahan ay isa rin pala syang Servent at itinuring na traydor para sa kanilang lahi at kailangang mawala na sa mundo bago pa magtagumpay ngunit nabigo sila.__ Ineksperimentohannya ang sarili nya upang mas lubhang lumakas hindi lang sya mag-isa ang gustong sumakop sa mundo kundi marami rin sa mga Servent ang umaasam nito na pinamunuan ni “Demoamegala Houshendou,” bumihag sya ng iba pang Servent...
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