Topics: Immune system, Bacteria, Organism Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Mohammed Awad
English 2
1 December 2010

Louis Pasteur was born on December 27 1822, in a town called Dole Eastern France. He had three sisters and one brother that died when he was 1 years old. Louis Pasteur’s sisters names were Jeanne Antoine Pasteur, Josephine Pasteur and Jeanne Emile Pasteur. Jean Denis was his brother name and their mother name was Jean Pasteur. Their father owned a tanner and worked to make leather. His father was once in the army and won lots of medal, awards by his achviements with hard work. While Louis Pasteur was little he enjoyed arts also went to school in Arbors where him and parents moved. At 1845 he went to collage and he received a doctor science degree after he went to be a teacher to a professor. At 1849 Pasteur got married and had five kids. Three of his kids died of bad sickness that couldn’t be cured .Louis Pasteur went on to be a life changer to the world and save millions of lives. (Parker 10). Louis Pasteur influenced and had a major impact on society through his, discoveries, Journey and inventions. Where would the world be without Louis Pasteur discoveries? People will not survive longer, will be unhealthy and will be affected by diseases that will not be cured or how to prevent it. The sickness in their bodies will spread to generation to generation without things to prevent the sickness. Louis Pasteur is a big sanctity to the word and things he discovered. At the time of year 1800s peoples and animals where dieing by the food theywere eating, they didn’t no why foods that there eating were killing them. Louis Pasteur brother died at the age of one by the sickness. Louis Pasteur realized that something was really wrong of people and animals dieing. Pasteur stared his experiment in a small attic that turns to a laboratory. Started on foods and inside foods that people and animals were eating also their immune system and things that effects the immune system of animals and humans and how...
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