Germinated Peas Report

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Temp (0 DegreesTime (min)Reading at time xDifferenceReading at time xDifferenceCorrected differenceReading at time xDifferenceCorrected difference
Respiration in Beads, Germinating Peas, and Dry Peas Using Respirometers Beads Alone Germinating Peas Dry Peas and Beads

Time Interval (min)Rates (ml of O2/min)
Rates of Germinated Peas

Rates of Dry Peas
Time interval (min)Rates (ml of O2/min)

The Rate of Respiration in Germinated and Dry Peas Within Respirometers

II. Discussion:
In the lab with germinated and dry peas along with glass beads, determining the rate of respiration in each different type of seed was the goal. The hypothesis stated that since the germinated peas were still alive, they would contain a higher rate of respiration needed to remain healthy compared to the dried peas and glass beads. Time was our independent variable and amount of 02 consumed was the dependent. The different types of beads were separated into separate respirometers where the rate of respiration was taken as time went from 5 to 10 to 15 to 20 minutes. Dye was used to measure the reading of each test subject as time went on. The data does correspond to the hypothesis due to the fact that we see an increase in 02 consumed as time goes on in germinated peas. It is assumed that dry peas would have a lower need for 02 consumed compared to germinated peas and the data represents this statement. The glass beads which are the control would not have a need for 02...
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