Germany South Korea Cultural Environment

Topics: South Korea, Korea, Korean language Pages: 5 (1701 words) Published: March 19, 2013
International Business Government
Negotiations with South Korea & Germany

Joe Kanelo

Alejandro Garza

February 8 2013

Globalization has become a permanent factor in how business takes place in modern times. Cultural differences now affect not only tourists, but also entrepreneurs and academics facing challenges in working internationally. Business negotiations vary depending on a multitude of elements, however in this particular essay I will approach the matter from the perspective of location where they shall take place. For the purpose of investigation, the subjects analyzed are Germany and South Korea apropos creating a good business environment. The aspects under consideration will mostly be cultural, based off of Hofstede’s 5-D dimensions model and other sources. Other cultural elements to consider are punctuality, appreciation of rules, time planning, personality, and communication.

International members of business organizations now face the challenge of undermining negotiations abroad. They have to work in close contact in various locations in which culture may be an elusive concept to them as they intrepidly tread new ground. These people have to find ways in which to interact and communicate with people from other countries different from their own. Germany is an important country in international business. Germans have their own onset of behaviors and motivations, which are most fascinating to study. In order to comprehensibly study the German business culture and how to set a proper business environment with them, one must analyze from the point of view of the most deeply rooted German characteristics. If one were to acquire intercultural competence with regards to Germany, a more pleasant working relationship with this fascinating country can be possessed. It is important to note that each individual will respond a certain way to circumstances presented when dealing with this country, however a good understanding of generalized observations and statements regarding Germany can be fruitful in establishing a competent relationship. Because different individuals need to interact, problems may arise when acting in what is deemed “normal behavior” in ones own country. This behavior can lead to irritability and alienation in certain parties due to a lack of understanding of the opposites culture. It is vital to reach a compatibility with the person to avoid misunderstanding and ill wrought feelings. If these people were to continue working in this fashion, an increasingly difficult and conflict ridden situation may arise. (Schroll-Mall, 2008) One of the first considerations to make when dealing business with a country such is Germany is the native tongue or language that is utilized. In Germany, the official language is German (at risk of sounding redundant). Once this has been assimilated, certain etiquette or meeting protocol must be established. Greetings are quite formal in this country, in which a firm handshake can be a form of traditional greeting. It must be dully noted that a handshake should suffice for all people in a living space, including small people and children. It is commonplace to utilize the title of the person when they are being addressed i.e. utilizing “herr” or “frau” after the title and one’s first name. Punctuality is of utter most importance when dealing business of this country. It is even expected to arrive on time on house visits. If expecting a delay to an appointment, it is required to telephone beforehand and indicate the difficulty of arriving in timely fashion. A business relationship with a German executive or company could be fouled profusely if a meeting is canceled at the last minute. Punctuality indicates planning and respect, something the Germans uphold. Germans are even pondered as planners; their culture upholds careful planning and thinking which can be followed accordingly. In this same manner, they have a great...
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