Germany: Environment, Crime Disease

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Germany: Environment, Crime, and Disease


Germany like many countries faces many real world issues related to the environment, crime, and disease among many other things. A growing issue in the entire European Union (EU) is a fast growing organized crime ring. Other issues especially prevalent in Germany are related to the sex industry. Many countries in the EU don’t budget enough money to help combat the growing organized crime problem. Germany is organized on a public and private health care system depending on a persons income threshold, however all persons in Germany have the option of staying with the public health system regardless of income.

The environment in Germany has become and issue of great concern among Germans especially since the country united in the early 1990’s. The country has a large problem with acid rain caused by large amounts of nitrogen found in the soil (, 1997). According to the large deposits of nitrogen found in soil is caused by heavy car and truck traffic. The nitrogen deposits found in river systems however is blamed on fertilizer runoff from crops. The country has put a large focus in recent years on air quality standards. Another environmental issue that faces Germany is acid rain.

Acid rain can be blamed on two things in Germany. The first thing that is blamed for causing acid rain is the use of very acid rich brown coal in Eastern Germany (, 1997). Another blame and large concern in Germany is the Chernobyl disaster from April 26, 1986. The fallout from the 1986 disaster reached all over the northern hemisphere and effected many European countries to include Germany. Germany has many restrictions on imports and exports of food from certain regions. There are also lakes and hunting regions in the country that are still affected by radioactive fallout.

Another thing that affects life in Germany is the German health care system. Germany has a health...
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