Germany Culture

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Germany has many multiple nicknames, but the one that is the most familiar would have to be Deutschland. Culture means the “behaviors and beliefs of a particular ethnic group” (, and the true culture of Germany makes it stand out farther than any other country surrounding it. My father is from Germany so it was realy easy to apply the culture from Germany to my life. With a name like Deutschland, meaning people from a Germanic root, it is not a surprise that the population is around eighty-two million people (Culture of Germany). The capital of Germany, Berlin, has 3.4 million of the population right there. Along with an above average population, it also has a very temperate and marine seasons consisting of cool and rainy winters and summers. The government controlling Germany is a Federal Republic and the leading religions are Protestant and Roman Catholicism. Through some of the surface facts about Germany, there is much more imbedded in the culture.

The culture of Germany was greatly shaped because of the history surrounding the country. As Germany was trying to evolve into states, many of the leaders from different states were causing little wars between each ruler. While there were feuds between each state, on top of that there started a Protestant Reformation that even took away the unity of Germany through a religious standpoint (Culture of Germany). Throughout half a century, the people were trying to get the laws to be for one total ruler, but failed. After some time Germany was finally unified by an aristocrat Otto von Bismarck due to liberal forces. Germany elected a male over everyone and would not be responsible for the Reichstag. Shortly after, the World Wars started and Germany would start having ties with multiple countries for different reasons. The peace treaty that ended up settling the disputes was The Treaty of Versailles by the United States, Britain, and France. Once 1929 hit and the depression was over in Germany, Hitler became chancellor by emergency decree; his party was known as the Nazi Party and soon his true intentions begun to show (Short History of Germany). Hitler and his party began killing millions of people and many crimes were committed showing the nation what we would call the Holocaust now. All the history surrounding Germany builds it up differently than any other country around; it just has something special about it.

Along with the history embedded in the German culture, the social side to Germany also serves in making this country. Being social in Germany is more than social status; it is a style of life and fully understanding yourself. Just like in the United States, there is basically the do’s and don’ts of being social and if you will be accepted or not. Music, entertainment, and hobbies set your social standing showing how one should be seen from the public. Like in some other societies, women were mainly just domestic and did not worry about anything outside of the family life until it changed in 1977 by equality in between a man and women law was passed (Culture of Germany). Overall, Germany has many of the same social rules as we see today in our society around us.

Another large point in culture is religion. Every country in their culture has either one head religion or multiple religions that the culture is based around. Germany to begin with was the center for the Protestant Reformation, but after a while went back to Roman Catholicism. Around thirty-four percent of the population today is Protestant and the same amount belongs to Catholicism; along with those huge percentages, a heavy percentage of the Germans do not even have a religious preference. The church of the settlement dominates the town and the surrounding areas and show impressive structures (Short History of Germany). Religion seems to always play a usually large role when it comes to culture because that is where our faith and beliefs come from.

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