Germany's Burden

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  • Published : December 31, 2012
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Germany’s Burden
World History II
May 10, 2011

World War I, lasting from 1914-1918, is a war that will definitely be remembered for years to come. After the allies had won the war after four long years Germany was the country that received the full blame for the war, but the question arises if it’s safe to say that Germany had totally caused World War I. In actuality, Germany had never asked or wanted a war. Germany was only honoring the Triple Alliance of 1882 and fighting alongside Austria-Hungary. As Germany should not take full blame for the war, they are responsible for World War I to the extent that France and Great Britain came into the war, because of a number of their own actions. Finally, Germany did receive full blame for the war. However the actual causes that had sparked World War I were a series of events between Serbia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Russia. For these reasons, Germany should not take full responsibility for the war, but only partial responsibility.

Germany’s involvement in World War I was not brought on because of how they wanted war, even though they welcomed it, but how Germany was honoring the Triple Alliance of 1882. During this time Germany did not have very good ties with many European countries, but the Triple Alliance of 1882 assured them that they had at least one reliable ally in Europe. This alliance was an agreement between Italy, Germany, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire to remain supportive of each other in time of conflict. However, Italy had made a peace agreement in 1902 with France that had actually nullified the Triple Alliance for Italy (Brittanica 1). So all in all, Austria Hungary was really Germany’s only dependable ally. This friendship between Austria-Hungary and Germany would massively cost Germany seeing as how Austria’s foreign minister, Leopold von Berchtold, rightly counted on support from Germany (Taylor 1). Not to mention that Germany had respected the Triple...
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