German Unification as a Turning Point

Topics: Nationalism, Prussia, Germany Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: May 21, 2012
The transformation of germany socially economically and geographically depended on turning points. from 1789 when nationalism only idea, to anti french feeling encouraging nationalism to the aggressive welpolitik, All tp's have been deemed influential enough to be give this name so could be seen as equal importance, as all played a part in developing and helping g nationalism and therefore aspirations for greater unity Some however more curcisl than others.

Geographical changes
Destruction of HRE, 1806 of 400 states to 39,and creation of confederation of the rhine 1806, Important as reduced the number of states significantly to a mere 39 making unifcation much easier and more likely in the future.Also sparked the Germans resenting french dominance,little did Napoleon know that thsi anti french feeling would be what the Germans would consistently unite upon in years to come,one exampel watch on the rhine,1840 Ltd turning point though as only spared anti french sentiment amongst officials and teachers Subsequent culutural nationalidm was also ltd to this class, and was centred arounf romantic ideals of German folk tales ideas of which Fichte embraced in his address to the nation in 1908 where ideas of unity,equality and fraternity in this once brave nation The weakness of cultural nationalism and indeed the anti french sentiment was demonstrated in 1813 in The War of Liberation in what should of been a rallying amongst all Germans was more of a Prussian led fight with little support, and a somewhat reluctance to abandon napoleon,and only did so when defeat for the french seemed inevitable. Post The War of Lib,at the congress of vieena, The german confederationw as created, which would suggest a step forward for nationalists and a step towards unification,as a confederation usually is defined by the tie amongst different states, despite this the confederationw as of little significance in helping the German nationalists. Designed...
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