German Submarine Warfare

Topics: U-boat, United States, World War II Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 21, 2010
On January 9th, 1917, Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg announced the use of unrestricted submarine warfare. Hollweg decided that the policy of a wholesale-unrestricted attack might keep America out of the war. Due to the weakness of the country at the moment, their best line of defense would be through these unrestricted attacks. Americas “neutral ships” had been moving across the Atlantic bringing in supplies for the allies. This brought Hollweg to the conclusion to use U- boats and use this zone of the Atlantic to sink the ships. Germany later decided to start a commerce war against any nation who traded with Britain. An intense note sent by America informed Germany that they would be held responsible for any sunken ships. Germany angered America, therefore brought this strong nation into the war. This caused Germany to prevent the entrance of natural ships such as those of America. The sinking of ‘Lusitania’ outraged the Americans and changed Germanys ways of sinking ships by submarine.

In 1915, the use of concealed guns on the ships ordered the sinking of natural or unnatural ships without warning. The submarine warfare became too dangerous and Germany feared America’s entrance into the war. Germany as it is, lacked submarines to guard the territory around the British coastline. But this didn’t stop Hollweg. He felt that armed and unarmed ships should be sunken with no warning inside the war zone. As the argument of unrestricted submarine warfare continued, it was agreed that this would better Germanys position. Finally our decision for unrestricted submarine warfare came to effect on February 1, 1917. Shortly after, on April 6, 1917, America officially entered the war.
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