German Resistance

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Nazi Germany Pages: 4 (1140 words) Published: December 10, 2007
During World War II the citizens of Germany had to deal with economic hardships. Today if you look up the holocaust what comes up is the name given to the period of persecution and extermination of European Jews by Nazi Germany. Persecution of German Jews began with Hitler's rise to power in 1933. Jews were disenfranchised, and then terrorized in anti-Jewish riots (such as Kristallnacht), forced into the ghettos, their property seized, and finally was sent to concentration camps. After the outbreak of World War II, Hitler established death camps to secretly implement what he called "the final solution of the Jewish question." If only this was the case but not everything is so black and white. What isn't taught in classes is how non Jewish-German citizens revolted against Adolph and never wanted him in government to begin with. Once Hitler was in power Germans did everything that they could to get him out of power. Resistance groups and underground groups were popping up all over Germany. German population knew that Hitler equaled a disaster. Taking a closer look maybe World War II could have turned out differently. World War II was one of the most horrible experiences of European history. Although there are misconceptions about German society in that time period a percentage of Germans were opposing Adolph Hitler. For many Germans they believed that in destroying Hitler, Germany and their families would have a greater chance of survival. The Third Reich which translates to mean "Third Empire" was from the years 1933-1945, when Germany was under the control of the national socialist German workers party, also known as the Nazi Party. It's false knowledge to say that every German was behind Hitler. That is where the misconceptions of non Jewish- German citizens come in. Starting from the beginning with how Hitler managed to get into office to begin with. How from the very beginning the election was based on propaganda. Hitler promised with him in charge German...
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