German Homefront Durin Ww2

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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The British Royal Forces (RAF) started to come up with a new tactic “night precision bombing” aiming at specific targets and attacking during night. The main targets picked out for attack were oil, aluminum, and aero-engine plants (USSBS, 1945). Though these attacks were constant in trying to slow down and destroy Germanys productions most of them were ineffective. Most of the bombers couldn’t find their target mostly because of the geographic location of the target but also because of the limited technology that was present at the time. With the election of Aurthur Harris in 1942 he disbanded the night bombing technique.

In 1939 there was a high demand for women in the job industry with men out on active duty and such. There were women having to deal with the evacuation of their children (pregnant women evacuated themselves). The women that didn’t evacuate their children had to bear the brunt of extra cleaning, cooking, and bringing up the children. They also had to take on all the work previously done by the men and often cope with the absence or death of their boyfriend or husband. After an air raid the government had to ration food, washing clothes, and water. To try and save themselves from long lines women tried to grow their own vegetables in allotments or gardens. Women also had to work in the Auxiliary services. They had to work in dirty inappropriate conditions. They also had to raise children and shop after work after many stores had closed.

In conclusion,
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