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Amanda Creacy
Mr. McKay
German 2- Feste und Feiertage
March 2, 2012

Wonderful facts on German Holidays
In Germany they also celebrate holidays. Some are the same as American holidays but others are different. They seem to have a lot more holidays than we do. Some are celebrated the same in both places but some are different. In Germany some holidays are regional and not national which means that only people living in certain places celebrate them. In January there are multiple major holidays. On January first it is New Year’s Day. In German it is called Neujahr and is a national holiday. In many countries fireworks and gatherings are how people celebrate New Year’s Day. In the Christian gospel is reminiscent of the circumcision and naming of Jesus on the eighth day. January sixth is Helige Drei Konige, also called Epiphany. Christians commemorate on this day the three wise me, who came guided by a star to Bethlehem to the manger of Jesus to see him and give gifts. It is a national religious holiday. On January twenty-seventh Germany celebrates a national holiday called The Holocaust Remembrance Day. It commemorates the six million Jews and other victims of Nazism. Holocaust Remembrance Day was declared in October 2005. A regional holiday in Bayern is Orthodoxe Weihnachten, which is on January seventh. In February there is about five major national holidays. On February fourteenth it is Valetinstag also known as Valentine’s Day here in America. Valentine's Day is considered the lover’s day in Germany. Couples give each other gifts on this day. Such as: flowers, and Germany it’s celebrated just like it is here in America. Weiberfastnacht is also in February. It is on February 16. Weiberfastnacht is the custom that women cut the ties with the scissors in German-speaking countries. So many men are stabbed accidentally by awkward behavior and uncoordinated women. Here in America we do not have a custom such as this. On February 20 it is Rosenmontag. The Rosenmontag is widely considered the highlight of the Carnival. It is a religious holiday. Aschermittwoch is like our Ash Wednesday. It is religious holiday celebrated all over the world. Ash Wednesday begins the 40 days of Lent for Christians. His name has to bless the Ash Wednesday because of the custom, ashes from palms of last year's Palm Sunday and sign to the faithful from the ashes of a cross on the forehead. Lent is 40 days long and begins on Ash Wednesday for Christians and ends on Holy Saturday. You should remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert. The six Sundays in Lent are almost free. Most people give up something for lent to better them such as soda. Also during this time they don’t eat meat, only fish. The 40 days of lent are called Fastenzeit in German. Some of the regional holidays that Bayern celebrates are: Mariä Lichtmess which is on February second, Der Heilige Blasius on February third, and Faschingsdienstag on February 21. March is not a very busy month for national holidays. There is only one major national holiday in March. The major National holiday in March is Internationaler Tag der Frau, it is on March eighth. The UN declared in 1975, March eighth is the "United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace". This holiday is not religious but it is more of a remembrance day then a holiday. We don’t have this holiday in the United States. March has two regional holidays in Bayern. One is Purim on the eighth and the other one is on the nineteenth which is Jossefi. April is a much busier month on the first day of April it is a national holiday just like it is here. In Germany they also celebrate April fool’s day on the first day of April. In Europe it is customary to make an April fool’s joke by playing jokes on one another. This is called "sending someone into April." So be cautious and suspicious! On the fifth day of April it is Grundonnerstag. In Germany it is a day when Christian tradition on Maundy...
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