German Cusine

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German Cuisine

German Cuisine
Cultural Diversity
SOC 321
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German Cuisine
This paper contains information on German cuisine and restaurants in the Chicago area. It includes recipes.
The Germans like to eat large meals that include big portions of meat and bread. Potatoes are one of the favorite foods the Germans use. They have potatoes with pears. Many like to make different stews that may have three different meats and fruits instead of vegetables in them to add a sweet and sour taste to the meal. Knödel, or dumplings, are available at many meals. Germans enjoy bread with every meal, with rye, pumpernickel, and sourdough breads more being more common than white bread. Another popular meal the Germans like is the Spargel (asparagus) served with a sauce or in soup is popular in the spring. In essence the German cuisine consists of meat and potatoes and both may be served in a variety of ways. Here are some typical dishes: Schweinebraten

Pork roast in a rich gravy. Served with boiled potatoes.

Sharply fried beef and pork cubes stewed with onions and red or green pepper. It is served with boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes or noodles.

Kassler mit Sauerkraut

Cured pork shops, cooked, served with Sauerkraut and boiled potatoes.

Eisbein mit Sauerkraut
Very fat pork knuckles, cooked, served with sauerkraut. It was a favorite when most people still worked hard in the fields. Modern lifestyle and health consciousness did away with this item.

Wiener Schnitzel
Thin veal fillet, crumbed and fried. Served with chips and salad.

Pea soup with onions and potato cubes. Cooked in a beef broth and sometimes mashed. Usually served with pieces of Bockwurst (thick vienna-like sausage).

Potato cubes soup with onions and bacon. Cooked in a beef broth. Served with pieces of Bockwurst (thick vienna-like sausage).

Leipziger Allerlei
Thick soup made from a combination of vegetables and potato cubes and beef chunks.

Kohlrouladen (Krautwickel)
Spiced mince wrapped in big leaves of cabbage, fried in bacon and stewed until done. Served with boiled potatoes.

Sauerbraten mit Rotkohl
Beef, pickled in buttermilk and then roasted in tangy gravy sometimes with added raisins. It is mostly served with sweet-sour Rotkohl (red cabbage).

Brathering mit Bratkartoffeln
A fried and subsequently pickled whole herring accompanied by crisply fried potato slices and onion rings.

Germans mostly have ice cream, fruit or fruit salad for dessert.

German Pudding is made from milk, eggs, starch and sugar. It is boiled and poured into moulds to cool and get firm. Pudding comes either as Schokoladen pudding or Vanilla pudding by adding cocoa or vanilla. It is served with custard, strawberries or morello cherries. Nowadays everybody uses the pre-mixed pudding powders although it is almost as easy to prepare it yourself. The following is a list of German Restaurants in Chicago

Edelweiss German-American Restaurant. This restaurant has been a family-owned dining destination for over 30 years. Glunz Bavarian Haus. Every night is Oktoberfest at Raise your beer stein, enjoy a delicious meal, and sing along with our German band. Uberstein As soon as you walk into you'll want to grab a beer and jump into the party. Berghoff Catering And Restaurant business. Chicago’s oldest German Restaurant Below is a sample of some German Recipes.

Vienna Schnitzel
veal (2 pieces x 150 g) 
2 tbsp. flour
1 egg
4 tbsp. butter
salt, pepper to taste
Beat the veal chops with the kitchen hammer, but don't make them too thin, the schnitzel...
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