Geriatric Etics: Difficult Decisions

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Situational Geriatric Ethics: Difficult Decisions
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In the world of ethics, there are no set rules to live by. Each case is going to cause you to ask yourself different questions, as well as make you think about what is best for the patient and families as well as what is best for the organization you work for. You may also have to refer to what company “policies” you are to follow. This essay will explore specifically the MediLodge long term care facility and its procedures and processes when it comes to making ethical decisions.

Situational Geriatric Ethics: Quality of Life
Most organizations have created a value system to ease the process of tough decision making. In long term care/rehabilitation organizations such as the MediLodge, these decisions are made almost on a daily basis. According to its mission, the quality of life that it’s residence have is a major factor to the MediLodge, but when it comes down to a resident who may be beginning their last days, not everyone agrees with the process that takes place.

The MediLodge follows a corporate value system. A system that was created specifically tailored to the organization. Within that corporate value system are core, created and protected values.

Corporate Value System

“A corporate value system is the value system followed by the majority of the members of an organization” (Bammel, 2009). There are three parts to the corporate value system. Core values, Created values, and Protected values.

Core Values

“Core values are the values that prescribe the attitude and character of the organization and are represented in the corporate code of conduct” (Bammel, 2009)

Created Values

“Created values are values that are added by stakeholders (shareholders, employees, anyone affected by the corporation) who expect a return from the organization” (Bammel, 2009).

Protected Values

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