Gereontologic Assessment

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  • Published : October 11, 2013
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College of Nursing
Legazpi City

1. Give one example on each of the six standards of Gerontologic Care. Answer:
Standard 1. Uniqueness of older person
Example: An elderly who believes that she must live her life to the fullest while the other elderly believes that they are worthless.
Standard 2. Functional Ability and Independence
Example: Mrs. Go iws still active in her activities of daily living and prefer to be independent in doing self-care tasks.
Standard 3. Mastery of the Environment
Example: Mr. Flores who usually forget the area where he left his things. He is always reminded by his family members.
Standard 4. Gerontological Nursing Knowledge
Example: Mr. Yao was thought of the things(self-care, appropriate diet,activities) with regards to his age and how to deal with the changes brought about by aging.
Standard 5. Sustaining Interpersonal Relationships
Example: Mrs. Lim, despite of having illness, she still manage to live her life to the fullest because of her support system, her family and friends who still stay on her side and make her feel she’s important.

Standard 6. Advocacy
Example: Mr. David knows his right as an elderly because of the nurse that taught him of those things, he can now fight for his rights. 2. Give one case or situation (Theoretical or Actual in each of the basic principles) (Autonomy, Justice. Etc.) Answer:

Autonomy: Mr. Sia’s decision was respected by the health team when he refuse to be revived if he will have an arrest. Justice: In a hospital, all patients were treated equally and given appropriate care regardless of their status in life. Beneficence: A nurse giving her full care to a patient with a chronic disease. Non Maleficence: Nurse Amie secure the side rails oof her patient’s bed to prevent the patient from injury and harm. Veracity: Nurse Rex committed an error in the documentation, he honestly reported to...
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