Geothermal Energy

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Industry Analysis – Geothermal Industry in the Philippines

BA 129: Wendy Hsieh, Ghea Orleans, John Ramirez, Rose Sagun

I.    Introduction

A.    Abstract
B.    Objectives of the Study
C.    Alternative Energy Study by Erlinda S. Echanis
D.    Scope and Limitations
E.    Methodology

II.    The history of the alternative energy industry in the Philippines

A.    Background and introduction
i.    Alternative energy in the Philippines
1.    Types of alternative energies in the Philippines
2.    Comparative Analysis
ii.    Geothermal energy
        1. Contribution to the country’s energy mix
        2. Generation Process
        a. Dry Steam technology
        b. Flash technology
        c. Binary cycle technology
        3. Advantages and Disadvantages

III.    Laws and republic acts applicable to Alternative energy

A.    Evolution of Alternative energy laws in the Philippines i. 1973 PD 334: Created the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) ii. 1975 PP 1112: Established the Geothermal Reservation in Tongonan, Leyte iii. 1975 PP 1413: Established the Geothermal Reservation in Palinpinon, Negros Or. iv. 1975 PP 2036-A: Established the Geothermal Reservation in Bacon-Manito, Sorsogon v. 1976 PD 927: Created the Energy Development Corporation under PNOC vi. 1978 PD 1442: Enacted the Philippine Geothermal Service Contract Law vii. 1987 EO 215: Allowed private sector to finance, build, and operate power plants viii. 1992 PP 853: Established the Geothermal  Reservation in Mt. Apo, Cotabato ix. 1990 RA 6957: Enacted the Build Operate Transfer Law

x. 2001 RA 9136: Enacted the Electric Power Industry Reform Act - Privatization of NPC xi. RA 9513: Renewable Energy Act of 2008

B.    Incentives and penalties
i. Development plans and programs
ii. Market support
iii. Technical/R&D Support
iv. Financial Support
1. Project Preparation Fund (PPF)
2. Loan guarantee Fund (LGF)
3. New and Renewable Energy Financing Programme (NREFP)
v. Fiscal...
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