George Washington: Greatest President

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  • Published : September 16, 2010
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Many people often think about who was the one president who really did our country justice. Who was the one president who, out of all forty-two, beats everyone and takes the gold for best president in the history of American presidents? Not everyone who agrees with these thoughts is going to agree with the answer each other gives. However, I bet many of those same people would argue that George Washington was the best president out of all of them.

There are many more reasons to why George Washington is the best president to ever come into office, one being the fact that without him, we would not have won the Revolutionary war. His amazing leadership skills kept the forces together and when the continental congress didn't pay the troops, he did. After the war, many people suggested he become a king, he would have none of that. In fact, by George Washington refusing to become a king, King George III said, "If that is true then he will be the greatest man in the world". This is not only a smart choice on his part to not be a king, but I also think it’s very noble of him. I could probably guess that all most every person would die to be known by everyone as a king or queen. However, George Washington was smart enough and new that it would only hurt the country that he just so greatly helped. Another great feature of George Washington’s contribution is when the articles of confederation were failing. The country was about to fall apart and he lead the congress to work together to develop the constitution, and many believe that without his presence and his history of compromise, the constitutional congress may have fallen apart. After the constitution was developed, his leadership was considered so important in fact, that he was strongly encouraged to be president almost by everyone. Not only was he the only president that was unanimously elected by the Electoral College but he is also the only president that didn't actually want the job. He, however, reluctantly...
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