George Washington Bush

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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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George Washington Bush

Washington was a state of many white settlers and Indians. But George was one of the first black American settlers in what is now called Washington State. Life back then was tough, especially for a black man. Many laws would make him move or give up land. Today I am going to tell you all about George Washington Bush. About his background, adult life, and why he is important to Washington State.

George Washington Bush was born in Pennsylvania around 1778. He was an only child, raised as a Quaker, a religion based off of Christianity, and was educated in Pennsylvania. Bush’s father, Matthew Bush, was born in India but was of African descent. Mathew worked for a man named Stevenson, who was a rich English merchant. Stevenson’s home was in Philadelphia, he had an Irish wife back there, who Mathew met. George's parents served Stevenson until his death. Stevenson had no other family so left the Bushes a huge amount of money and property.

As an adult, George did many things. Although he had many religious views, he was a veteran in the war of 1812, fought against the British. George was credited with being the soldier who persuaded General Jackson to use bales of cotton as barricades in the battle of New Orleans. That was one of the reasons why we defeated the British. He was again a veteran of the black hawk Indian war. In that war he was wounded. In 1820, him and some of his friends moved to the Pacific coast, they then trapped and hunted for a fur company. This was in St. Joseph, Missouri. On July 3, 1830, George married a girl named Isabelle James. Her father was a Baptist preacher. When they married, she was 30 years old and George was about 51 years old. In 1844, George Bush and five other families left Missouri and headed Northwest on the Oregon Trail. Bush’s knowledge of the western regions, and his navigation skills made him be the leader of the party. George’s wife had a skill that was...
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