George Washing Compared to John Adams

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Compare and Contrast Washington’s administration with the administration of John Adams
Between the years of 1789 – 1800, there were two people given the job of being the President of these United States of America, George Washington, the first president, and John Adams, the second president. Between the years of 1789 – 1800, the United States of America was a very young country who was searching for its identity, a leader, and an economic basis on which to run the country. Before, 1789, when George Washington took office, the Constitution of the United States was a very new document. It had just been ratified 1 year earlier, which meant that the Articles of Confederation, which ruled the country between the years 1783 – 1788, was thrown out. It is based on this new document that George Washington and John Adams were allowed to take office. During their times as President of the United States, both Washington and Adams had similar and different approaches on how to handle the position and all the responsibilities that followed. Both had domestic and foreign policies that were similar and different during their administration.

During George Washington’s administration began in 1792. During this time period, the United States was a very young nation that had no identity, no way of making money, and no domestic policies. During his first years in office, Washington used his cabinet to help form the domestic policies that his administration would use. Washington‘s domestic policies ranged from creating the Departments of State, War, and Treasury to stopping the Whiskey Rebellion from getting out of hand. Washington left a great imprint on the national government that he is honored by being on the one dollar bill, and having a monument named after him. While in office, Washington surrounded himself with the best and brightest minds of the time as his cabinet to make sure the country that he had fought for would be able to continue to have its independence that it...
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