George Rodrigue

Topics: Acadiana, Ronald Reagan, George Rodrigue Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Connor Mellema
Mrs. Escalante
Art A/B Period 6
12 April 2013
George Rodrigue
“A simple Blue Dog is the obvious visual subject of every painting. However, the title combines with the paint on the canvas to convey a deeper meaning: one that in the end rarely alludes to that animal as we know as “dog,” but instead provides insight – whether humorous or nostalgic or sad – into human condition.” – George Rodrigue. The famous and southern man, George Rodrigue, was born on March 13, 1944, in New Iberia, Louisiana. Rodrigue has been drawing since a child, in the famous Cajun country. When Rodrigue was eight, he contracted polio and spent a year in bed. His parents were worried to death that they might lose their only child. Often times, to pass time, his Mother bought him art supplies, including: Crayons, paint-by-number kits, and drawing material. Rodrigue turned his boring, and uneventful time, into an opportunity to explore the horizons in his artistic abilities. After realizing his love for drawing, he enrolled in the University of Southwestern Louisiana and Art Center College of Design before moving to the big city, New York, where he caught public attention for his print screens and paintings featuring the famous, Blue Dog, which was based upon a marriage of his beloved pet and the famous Loup Garou, which he was told lots of stories about when he was a child. Entertainment Weekly contributor, Rebecca Walsh concluded that the “Blue Dog” series evokes a “profundity of magic realism and the profane loss of a pet.” Rodrigue’s other artwork consist of dark and atmospheric depictions of the traditional bayou landscape, beauty, and activities. In some of his paintings, he refers to the bayous, for instance, the crab boils, the Cajun people, and public gatherings in natural places; however, the “blue dog” is the majority of his artwork.

In a way, George Rodrigue became a huge cultural Icon. When he went to the Soviet Union with President Ronald Reagan a decade...
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