George Milton

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Migrant worker, John Steinbeck Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: March 3, 2013
George Milton Of mice of men:
George’s physical description is described as “quick of face with restless eyes and sharp strong features”. He is smaller in size than Lennie and in looks he is completely different to lennie. His face is well defined and gives an impression of native intelligence he seems naturally alert to the possibilities of imminent danger. Often he is usually bad tempered with lennie this is reflected in his frequent use of bad language and “giving Lennie hell”. He is usually guilt-ridden for speaking unkindly to Lennie. Moreover he acts suspicious and defensive towards everyone. It is obvious George is the authority figure taking care of lennie he warns him about drinking stilled water and prepares food for him he looks after his work ticket and tells him exactly what he is supposed to do and say, sometimes arousing suspicions regarding his motives he constantly has to remind him where they are going and what addition it is significant that George walks in front implying immediately that George takes leadership! He says “good boy” when lennie does something appropriately like a parents praise for an obedient child. George persistently talks about how life will be easier without Lennie causing trouble he complains all the time that he could have lived a different life if not burdened with lennie. Lennie is a lot of trouble without Lennie he is free to be independent and he could live an alternative lifestyle where he could do anything he wanted living a life of a typical itinerant worker implying he wouldn’t need to worry about anyone else as he’d be free minded because he would have no responsibility on others. George’s tempers do not last long and once his anger has subsided it is followed by a sense of guilt which Lennie has learnt to manipulate through emotional blackmail. This partly explains why George takes care of him due to the fact he feels sorry for him for losing his patience and treating lennie harshly when he clearly...
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