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George Lucas 11/3/11

Greatest Producer of all Time, Mr. Lucas

George Lucas, the man who created Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Lucas was born in Modesto, California on May 14, 1944. Lucas was a single child while his father sold nuts on his Walnut Farm. Before graduating Modesto high school in 1958, Lucas was in a car accident that left him in the hospital for three months. Lucas then became interested in movie making and photography. With getting into filming Lucas’s career took off.

Lucas would film car races with a camera. Lucas’s filming style got the attention of Haskell Wexler, a great cameraman, who helped Lucas get into the college of USC. Lucas made eight films on campus, graduated, and became a cameraman. One of his best school films was THX:1138 which won first prize in the National Student Film Festival. After college Lucas got a scholarship from Warner Brothers to go and work with them in1969. Lucas then married Marcia Griffin in the same year. In 1973, Lucas directed, and co wrote his first movie, American Graffiti, which costs 750,000 dollars. When the movie came out Lucas was nominated for five academy awards.

Lucas then started working on Star Wars, which would be a trilogy. Star Wars came out on May 1977 and was rated very well. Star Wars grossed 400 million dollars. The merchandise sold from Star Wars grossed 500 million in the first three years! In 1979 Lucas made his own movie business company called Lucas Film Ltd. The rest of the Star Wars film brought in 1 billion dollars and merchandise brought in 3 billion dollars! Star Wars placed thirteenth in top 100 Best Films of All Time.

As Lucas began making money with Star Wars, he decided he wanted to start working on some new films. Lucas began working on Indiana Jones, which supported archeologist movies and work in 1940. The first of the Indiana Jones movies was Raiders of The Lost Ark which made...
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