George Kelly' Constructs

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The last theorist discussed in class was, George Kelly; an American psychologist who developed a personality theory called the personal construct psychology . The psychologist did not talk about development from birth to adulthood. Rather, his theory sees human beings as forms of motion regardless of age . According to Kelly 's view, the human `becoming ' is a highly individualized process of psychological development . In this process, each child and adult continuously extends , revises , and reorganizes the system of meaning , emotion , and action schemes that he or she constructs . With an emphasis on the individual ways in which humans construct and reconstruct the meaning of their lives, Kelly presents his theory with an image of persons as developing scientists(as discussed in class). These scientists have their own distinctive theories of self and the world that enable them to understand and anticipate the repetitive themes of their lives. As mentioned before, these theories of self and the world are constantly undergoing change through construction, testing, revising, and expanding .

Kelly 's personal construct theory of psychology is organized into a fundamental postulate and eleven corollaries . The fundamental postulate is a person 's processes that are psychologically channelized by the ways in which one would anticipates events " The processes in this definition refer to an individual 's experiences, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and everything that remains . All processes are determined by the person 's anticipation of the self, of others, and of the world in general .

The eleven corollaries in Kelly 's personal construct theory of personality detail the process of construing , the structure of the personal construct systems. This includes the social embeddedness of human knowing. The first corollary is the construction corollary. We construct our anticipations using our past experience. We are fundamentally conservative creatures. We expect...
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