George Gordon Lord Byron: a True Romantic

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  • Published : April 15, 2008
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George Gordon Lord Byron Captivates the essence of romantic poetry. George Gordon Lord Byron is accredited with being on of the most brilliant romantic poets of all time and as such he has captivated millions with his poetic writings. Lord Byron had many things that made him such a success: his life was filled with passion and adventure, his writing was influenced by many factors, and his poems were emotional and intellectual thrillers. Lord Byron was a man if many passions which included: sports, travel, and a plethora of women. Lord Byron’s writings had many influences which included like his life: his childhood and interests, travel and again most of all the women in his life. His poems are emotional and intellectual thrillers, connecting ones emotions to ones thoughts with his writing. The two poems that I have chosen to show his prowess in writing are “To Women” and his last poem “On this day I complete my Thirty-Sixth Year”. To begin with, Lord Byron had an interesting life from birth in London to his death in Greece. He was born on the 22nd of January of the year 1788. Son of Captain John “Mad-Jack” Byron and his second wife Catherine Gordon; the soon to be Sixth Baron Byron was born with a case of club-foot which left his with a slight limp for the rest of his life. His father having squandered all of his wife’s fortune left the family, leaving George Gordon the only heir to the Byron estates and the title of Lord. From acquiring the new title of lord, George Gordon could not find a difference in him and asked his mother one day, “whether she could perceive any difference in him since he had been made a lord, as he perceived none himself” (Moore, 20). This shows that as a child Byron seemed quite modest unlike his reputation later in his life. In 1801, George Gordon was sent to school in Harrow where he met his half sister Augusta Byron who was to contribute to much drama in Byron’s adult life. In 1805 Lord Byron entered Trinity College, Cambridge where he came into trouble both in health and wealth. Two years after this Lord Byron published his first collection of literature, which received quite horrible reviews. In response to this, two years later he published “English Bards and Scotch Reviewers: A Satire” which commented on his previous work and its fate in the hands of a rough reviewer. In 1809, Byron took his seat in the House of Lords and in July of that year sailed off to explore the continent with a college mate of his named John Hobhouse. In their travels the graced Spain, Gibraltar and Malta, then to Greece, Albania, where he began to muse over “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” which he continued to think over and then write, during his stay in Athens. Byron while still in Athens He started conducting another poem, “Maid in Athens” about Theresa Macri. In 1810 they then sailed to the site of Troy where he swam the Hellespont. In 1811, Byron returned to England to hear that his mother was ill and in sight of death and was unable to return to her bedside to give a proper farewell. In 1812, he made his first speech in the House of Lords in which this helped Byron find himself to fame, “In Moore’s Famous report, Byron “awoke one morning and found myself famous”(Manning, 15). Then after the quite good turnout of Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Byron succinctly published many fast and high selling works, about this great accomplishment Manning wrote, “This sensationally successful phase of Byron’s career epitomizes the paradoxical convergence of Murray’s exploitation if the resources of advertising, publishing and distribution to foster the best-sellerdom and star status, with a noble who gave away his copyrights because aristocrats did not write for money. Like all myths, “Byron’ did not resolve a contradiction but dramatically embodied it.” (Manning, 15). This was then made greater by Byron’s lionizing in Whig society (Manning, 15). During this time Byron had many troubles in his love life. He was married, had a...
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