Geopolitics of Oil and Gas Piplelines

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Geopolitics of Oil and Gas Pipelines

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Ms. Surbhi Arora
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College of Management and Economic Studies
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
Dehradun- 248006

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College of Management and Economic Studies
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
November, 2012

* To study the geopolitical factors related with oil and natural gas which derive from the mismatch of location between reserve/production and consumption. * To assess the feasibility of cross country pipelines due to geopolitical complexity. It is not only oil or natural gas but political message that flow through a pipeline. * To study the impact of pipelines on global energy market, history of pipelines littered with conflict and what might be done to reduce conflict and make pipelines less troublesome.

* Politically South-Asia has been a volatile region with conflicts between India and Pakistan, the two majors in this region, and both dependent on imported gas. * According to Directorate General of Hydrocarbon demand supply gap in the natural gas sector could be as high as 40% in the long term. Therefore, energy source security is a primary concern for the country. * According to 12th Five year plan the demand of Natural gas will rise at a CAGR of around 20% which is more than double the pace at which our economy would increase so it clearly depicts that natural gas in the coming years would contribute much for the economy. * As per BP statistical review 2010, the share of natural gas out of the total other fuels that are used, is expected to reach 20% by 2025 from the current 10%. Hence, if indigenous natural gas resource is unable to satisfy the needs, then the same must be fulfilled through the imported natural gas. * Geopolitics alone cannot materialize a cross-border pipeline without economic rationale.

Cross border gas trade has been a challenge for the South Asian countries in recent years. This research will observe that for developing a mature gas market in the region and also for the long-term economic development, the region needs an energy cooperation based on a regional gas grid. However, the geopolitical issues have been the main challenges for cross border gas trade in the region. This study observes that in order to address the geopolitical challenges of cross border gas projects in the region, a SAARC-based regional energy cooperation is a viable option. This study intends to show that natural gas can play an important geopolitical role in South Asia. It argues why the South Asian countries should join the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).

* Research Design
The main idea backing up this project the study of the recent cross country oil and gas pipelines projects all over the world with emphasis on the problems faced due to geopolitical reasons. All the problems and issues will be listed and the solutions implemented will be studied vis-à-vis the problems. The solutions will then be generalized and applied to other projects. The ongoing projects will be studied and the same research design will be carried out with emphasis on South-Asia.

* Data Collection Resources,
The data collection for the project preparation is basically secondary in nature. The reports, journals and papers by research agencies and companies have been useful in providing information about the topic. Some tools and techniques used in the analysis include graphs and tables. The sources of information are the data available on the internet and other sources like newspaper and magazines.

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