Geometry Kite Making

Topics: Kite, Angle, Perpendicular Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Kite Project – DUE:

1) Search for a kite you’d like to build. It can be any shape kite, but keep in mind that the easier the build, the more difficult I grade it. The harder it is to build, the more chance it won’t be completed in time. So evaluate yourself & the directions to determine which kite you decide on building. a. Google the web (not videos, nor images) – “How to build a kite with step by step directions” … You can word your search in any way that is similar to what I just gave you. b. Be sure what you pull up has Step by Step Directions on how to build the kite (i.e. it will tell exactly how & where to cut the material, where to place the dowels, where to tie the string, etc, etc). c. Be sure what you pull up has Clear Materials Listed – meaning you will be able to list off what is needed to build a kite (i.e. exact centimeters or inches of dowels, the diameter of the dowel, if plastic tubing is needed, string length, etc, etc). d. Print all this out – preferably with photos (always helpful when building). 2) Write up a materials list with the totals (dowel length, string length, fabric, etc) on a lined piece of paper so that it’s legible. This is for me to go shopping with, so I need the exact total & I need to read it. I’m not interested in how many ___ sized pieces of dowel you need because we’ll just cut up the total length later; I just need you to calculate from your internet, printed materials list the exact totals of each item. 3) Build your kite – we’ll be doing this in class as a group. You won’t be taking any of these items home, so you need to make sure you are here for each class we designate as build days. e. Each “build day” you will need: yard stick (science lab has some), pencil, pen, lined paper for calculations, calculator, ruler, protractor, kite instructions & a servant’s heart (because we’ll need to bring other items to & from my classroom each of these days =...
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