Geology: Un Convention of Law of the Seas

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Boomer Flette



Why the United States has not signed the UN Convention of Law of the Seas

The UNCLOS is an agreement that creates the lawful ground under which Somali pirates are put on trial. It also controls the activity in the Polar Regions as it liquefies and weakens the defensive entitlements behind the expanding confidence of the regime of China. The leaders of defense and state departments, together with chief-ranking of army officers in the United States, petitioned the senate to adopt the treaty. Therefore, the administration of Obama’s office legitimately pressed the ratification of the treaty permanently. More than 160 nations have approved the treaty that the United States aided in forming. However, and ironically, the United States still has not approved this treaty. This is majorly due to its critically imminent capability to deal with a variety of demanding problems.

The UNCLOS was concluded in 1982 following ten years of discussions and work. The agreement looked forward to defining the widespread international standards for usage of the seas. These efforts were all in the hope of settling maritime disagreements through a global supervisory authority. This is the prevalent fact for the opponents of the treaty. According to these opponents, exposing the United States to international decrees would weaken the independence of the United States on the high seas. Thirty years later, the United States government is still unable to consent the law because of two key reasons. The first reason is China. During the past few years, China’s government has become more self-confident over its regional allegations to the South China Sea. The Chinese have been trying to impose tenure on long-argued isles in the region. At the same time, they have been looking for ways to hold Navy ships belonging to the United States from plotting these waters. The United States regime together with China’s neighbors has driven the conduction of...
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