Geology Quiz 2

Topics: Plate tectonics, Earth, Seafloor spreading Pages: 3 (599 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Quiz #2: Chapters 5-6

Fill in the blanks. (5 points each)


A. Asthenosphere D. Ocean ridge system
B. Lithosphere E. Alfred Wegener
C. Pangaea

1. A single supercontinent consisting of all Earth’s landmass that began to break up about 200 million years ago was called C.

2. In 1915, a German meteorologist and geophysicist named E wrote The Origin of Continents and Oceans and set forth a basic outline of the hypothesis called continental drift.

3. The uppermost mantle, along with the overlying crust, behaves as a strong, rigid layer known as the B

4. Through later technology a much better picture of large expanses of the seafloor slowly and painstakingly began to emerge. From this work came the discovery of a global D that winds through all of the major oceans in a manner similar to the seams on a baseball.

5. The A is a subdivision of the mantle situated below the lithosphere. This zone of weak material exists below a depth of about 100 kilometers and in some regions extends as deep as 700 kilometers. The rock within this zone is easily deformed.


A. Convergent plate boundaries D. Paleomagnetism B. Transform plate boundaries E. Hot spot volcanism C. Divergent plate boundaries

6. Rocks that formed thousands or millions of years ago and contain a “record” of the direction of the magnetic poles at the time of their formation are said to possess fossil magnetism, or D .
7. A occur where two plates move toward each other and the leading edge of one is bent downward, as it slides beneath the other. This is where crust is destroyed or recycled.

8. C occur where two plates move apart, resulting in upwelling of hot material from the mantle to create new seafloor.

9. A E is a concentration of heat in the mantle capable of producing magma, which in turn extrudes onto Earth’s surface. The...
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