Geology of the Front Range

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Geology of the Front Range
1. Research on the Front Range Mountains located in the Rocky Mountain region has brought about a lot of findings that they intend to share with the rest of the community. Over 1 billion years ago, molten rock was dispersed throughout the world. In time, this molten rock would form together which in turn formed the continents in which we live today. This is true for Pikes Peak as well. Being the tallest mountain of the region (standing at 14,278 feet) there is much for tourists to be attracted too.

There is much that has been uncovered in the region as well. For instance, in 1990, a building boom occurred in the region causing a lot more construction in the area. During this time of construction, it was very common for them to uncover dinosaur bones. In fact, a T-Rex skeleton was found in a suburb of Denver. However, they do not consider this their greatest find in this area. They managed to come across a serrated tooth. This was the prize fossil at the site. In 1994, they came across a dinosaur rib while building the Colorado Rockies stadium. Data gathering, depiction, and analysis of this area has made it possible for the residents of that area to appreciate what interesting things lie in the past.

2. The article does well to personify the importance of its geology. This is chiefly due to the fact that multiple things have been uncovered in its basin. This includes dinosaur bones, shale deposits originally located in Cretaceous Interior Seaway, and multiple fossil remains. To go along with this, they were able to layer the basin based on the age of the various rocks underneath the surface. This ultimately aided them in determining the sequence of age of the basin. As I continued through the article, it helped me to realize the full impact this research had. It is not difficult for them to deduce that this land is ever-changing in terms of its geology. Because of this research, it has helped us to gain a stronger...
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