Geology: Desert and Glacier Landscape Contrast

Topics: Erosion, Ocean, Glacier Pages: 3 (929 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Desert and glacier landscapes contrast and formation process. Desert are created via natural ways, through climate changes and natural erosion, the wind blowing in those areas carries little or no moisture, bringing only fog and mist but no rains also those winds pick up and carry rock particles and those, will erode the ground and or the other rocks creating furthermore erosions, those desert’s also are the result of human activities such as deforestation, when humans deplete an area of the fragile eco system and natural protections from eroding winds, and the inability of the ground to retain water and thus provide necessary and vital conditions for the fauna to live and grow, the area is left to be consumed and over taken by the advancing desert. (thinkquest, 1999).  Glacial landscapes are created by the retrieval and or movements of the ice cap over the rocks and terrains, the movements of the ice will pick up rocks, dirt and others ground component, the weight of the ice will crush by pressure the rock bed, the melting waters will help in eroding and moving the particles away as well. This pressure will leave behind glacial lakes and others crushed rocks giving clues in what directions the glacier was moving. (Wikipedia, 2010).  The contrast between both landscapes is the eroding material, they both are the result of erosion, the desert erosion is due to mechanical and chemical erosion process, then the wind caries the sediments and erode more the land, the glaciers are through mechanical erosion process, the broken down rock by water expansion from freezing, the mechanical erosion of the water melting and transporting the sediments somewhere else, the ice picking up debris and rocks and carrying them as well as the ice slowly moves is as well mechanical erosion. As you can see they are both the same, they are both the results of erosion, from different elements, yet they are the resulting landscape after erosions occurs, the reasons of why erosion occurs...
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