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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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Terms| Definitions|
Pacific island groups:| Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia| (Pacific) Micronesia means-| small islands|
(Pacific) Melanesia means-| black islands|
(Pacific) Polynesia means-| many islands|
(Pacific) Divided into high islands and low islands based on-| physical characteristics| High Islands-| mountains created by tectonic forces, volcanoes and earth quakes| Low Islands-| coral reef|

Coral Reef-| formed from living coral polyps accumulating over time| (Pacific) Natives| aren't sure how they got there|
WW11 caused-| not much attention|
U.S. used marshal islands for-| nuclear testing- Bikini Atoll| Trust Territories (Pacific)| territories supervised by another nation| Pacific have low or high standard of living?| low|
Pacific cash crops| rubber, coffee, sugarcane in high islands of Melanesia and Polynesia| (P) what is growing rapidly?| tourism|
Antarctica is larger than...| Australia|
(A) Discovered-| last 1820s|
(A) Is the highest or lowest continent?| highest|
(A) land is feet below sea level| 280 ft|
Park ice of icebergs and| ice surrounds the continent and ice shelves| Ross ice shelf reached in| 1840s|
(A) 1st explorer set foot in-| 1895|
1961 what was signed?| Antarctic treaty by 12 countries|
(A) Treaty was renewed in-| 1989 with 28 more countries adding to treaty| (Au) is the blank largest country-| 6th|
(AU) is about the size of-| U.S.|
Block rain-| great dividing range|
Longest river in the east-| Murray river|
Outback-| central and western plains and plateaus|
(AU) population-| about 19 million|
(AU) where does most of the population live?| Eastern and southeastern coast| (AU) Low or high standard of living| high|
1st Australians| Aborigines|
Who killed, infected, and drove of Aborigines?| Europeans| Claimed AUS for UK| Captain James cook|
(AU) most immigrants come from-| pacific islands and southeast Asia|...
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