Geography South Brisbane Demographics

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Geography South Brisbane Demographics

By | November 2012
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“Communities are groups of people who have something in common. That something that is shared may be space or area, culture or religion, goals or values, interest or occupations. There are two basic types of community – those based on shared space and those based on social organisation”

On the map, we have got Victoria Bridge, which was constructed in 1969, after 3 bridges before that was demolished by floods. Musgrave Park, which is a settlement for aboriginal tribes within South Brisbane and is the only land in South Brisbane which the aboriginals still own. Brisbane State High school which was constructed in 1925. Southbank, which was constructed for Expo 88 and was kept for tourism. The Goodwill Bridge was made in order for better accessibility for people walking/riding bikes to get from one side of the river to the other without any of the commotion of the cars.

In 1863 the mayor at the time made a promise saying that he was re-elected he would build a bridge connecting North Brisbane to South of Brisbane. The mayor was indeed re-elected and he followed through with his promise, building the first temporary wooden bridge connecting South to the North Brisbane. Two years after the bridge was built, the Brisbane River flooded and the bridge was swept away. In 1874 the first permanent bridge was built but 19 years after it was built it was swept away by a flood. The second permanent bridge was built in 1897 and lasted till 1969 when it was demolished and was rebuilt, which is now known as the Victoria bridge.

1893 the city’s town hall is built for the residence to put forward problems. Town meetings where conducted every month.

In 1974 floods it had been a especially wet spring, and in January 1974 thee Brisbane river broke its banks and flooded the surrounding areas. 6,700 homes were flooded and Buildings in the Brisbane central business district were particularly hard hit. Damage in south Brisbane was at an estimated value of $200 million....

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